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blackout football boots

  • Nike Magista Obra 2 2016-2017 Prototype Boots-What’s Going To Be New About Them?

    The game of soccer is so solid in terms of what you need in order to be a good player, that you just can’t imagine you’d be able to find a pair of cleats that are going to help you be much better than what you are now at the game. Think about it. Players either are fast or their slow right? Players either have good footwork or they don’t right? Players either know how to play defense or they don’t? Here’s the thing, the right pair of cleats can indeed make a difference.

    Top players in the world know this all too well, and this is the reason why they make it a point to invest in only the best options out there. Their return on investment is plenty:

    • Superior play due to superior comfort levels, which leads to sustained effort and aggressive striking.
    • Superior speed due to the feet being well protected and having good touch for the field. This allows you to get the most out of the ground beneath you.
    • Superior striking ability. The right cleats enable you to have a much more accurate hit, because you can better feel the amount of strength you put behind your strikes.

    The Nike Magista Obra II Boots are one of the newest options out there, and you can expect them later in 2016. There’s all sorts of things that are new about these. Here’s a short list of what you can expect primarily:

    • blackout football boots are going to do a good job of giving you a stealth look. This means you won’t stand out as much, but this is a good thing. You’ll be more lethal in these.
    • Dynamic fit collar is improved and the tongue-less design make them even better. Players are going to be able to get up and down the field as they need to without worrying about their shoes crippling them.
    • There’s Flywire strings on the upper. The first generation of these didn’t come with this feature and a lot of fans didn’t like this.
    • In the leaked pictures you can find for the blackout Nike Magista Obra II boots you’ll find that the colorway feature a brand new sole plate. There’s also a new stud configuration.

    The newness factor fans can expect for these is very real. It isn’t just something that’s going to be marketed to you in order to get you to buy. These aren’t going to be bargain basement Nike Magista Obra boots as far as price is concerned. So fans who want to make the investment have to feel confident that there is indeed something new about them that’s going to make a difference to their game. One things for sure, based on the leaked pictures and some of the info surrounding them you can certainly expect that. There’s nothing plain about these nike magista 2016 soccer boots at all.

  • Big Deals with cheap blackout football boots 2016 collection

    They're the ultimate football boot for any no-nonsense player. Following nike drop of black-out editions to the nike magista obra and nike hyprervenom line-up, football's black-out phenomenon continues to sweep the game.

    They're the coolest blackout football boots in soccer world and some of the hardest to come by. There is a certain mystique about all black football boots, which originates from prototypes. In recent years, black-outs have become real fan favourites and continue to be in high demand.

    As a new season approaches expect to see a flurry of non-contracted pro's defy the colour trend, bringing a range of nike blackout boots to the pitch. Whether they're the work of a black-marker or an official brand release like nike tiempo black-out boot-spots are always some of the most noticeable.

    Along with the classy style they bring to the pitch, the great thing about nike mercurial superfly blackout football boots is the call out they bring to the boot's performance features, focusing you on the quality of the boot. Most brands have thrown their hat into the black-out ring, but rarely do we get a true all black boot.

    What do you think of these cheap blackout football boots kickzonfire?

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