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Look At The Cheap 2018 Nike Mercurial Superfly Collection

The build up is well underwear for the introduction of the newest Mercurial silo, with this Wednesday (Feb 7th) announced by Nike as the big day. In typical fashion, they will be going all out to ensure that soccer fans far and wide are well aware of what magnificent piece of technologically advanced footwear has been created. In other words, expect your timeline to be going off on Wednesday morning!

What do we know about the next-generation Cheap 2017 Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Soccer Cleats (White/Red) releases? Well, what we can tell you is the they will be introduced in two colorways; a vibrant Solar Orange (as pictured above) and a more traditional Black shortly after. And as usual they will be fully focused on being the leading speed boot in Nike’s arsenal. In fact, they are set to make fast even faster, well at least that is what Nike is stating.

Full details now available here from kicksaustraliasoccer.com.

Side note in case you are wondering, included with the all important speed-centric boots in the box, you will find a boot bag, adding to the valor of the release.

And something else really important is the fact that Nike has listed the sizing on the boot box in both Men’s and Women’s sizes. Why is this important? We are well aware that both Men and Women choose to wear these boots, so why not make it easier for both to have a solid understanding of the size they are getting before they buy. Rather than having to calculate, this gives female players the opportunity to have some sort of idea on what they can expect. I applaud Nike for this simple, yet very important update.

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